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Hello Music Lovers,

No, I didn’t retire... on the contrary almost got TOO busy to keep up. But as in music, “no excuses”. Also I should address the issue that I am still staying out of the Facebook game and will continue to do so for the near future.

Just to recap 2014 was a very busy year JAN saw a very ambitious recording project in New Orleans for Raphael Wressnig and some heavyweight guests. The SOUL GUMBO release is out now (on disc, vinyl, and download) and highly recommend. Shortly after the sessions for that project, we played Dubai Jazz & Blues Fest with Tad Robinson, Deitra Farr and Sugaray Rayford with Sax Gordon on board. In the middle of all that, I lost my stepfather. On a much brighter note, in June we made a tour with New Orleans’ great Johnny Vidacovich and NY tenor monster Craig Handy in Latvia, Lithuania, Austria and Germany. Next up, PEER festival w/ Deitra Farr. In the fall I went with R.W. trio for the 4th time to Russia.

And since then has been pretty nonstop. We’ve been supporting the Soul Gumbo release and just returned from 10 days covering France, Germany and Switzerland. So I’ve hardly retired.. just got way behind on updating the Site. Please forgive and hope to see you out there... Itinerary Updates coming…. Alex, April 2015

- Alex, April 2015

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