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A quick and overdue update:

I will be joining the great Duke Robillard and his fantastic band for a European Tour in December 2015. Duke has recently had Rotator-Cuff surgery and is unable to play guitar (or very little) at this time - so he has been having different ‘guest guitarists’ help out, with him fronting the band and singing. I was honored to get the call for this trip. “Monster” Mike Welch has been doing recent stateside dates. The band is truly fantastic, I’ve had the chance to sit in with them a few times over in Europe and it’s a great fit..

Brad Hallen on upright & electric bass- big time; Mark Teixiera swinging and shuffling (both) on drums and the great Bruce Bears on all kinds of Keys- Piano, Hammond, E Piano.

So forgive the late date, but here it is:

03.12.2015 - Menen (B) / De Steiger
04.12.2015 - Hannover (D) / Jazzclub
05.12.2015 - Eeklo (B) / N9
06.12.2015 - Dortmund (D) / Piano
08.12.2015 - Maribor (SLO) / Culturni Centar Narodni Dom
10.12.2015 - Torino (I) / Il Magazzino di Gilgamesh
12.12.2015 - Brasov (RO) / Jazz & Blues Festival
13.12.2015 - Grolloo (NL) / Hofsteenge

All the best and Soulful Seasons Greetings while we’re at it!

- Alex, December 2015

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