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Long overdue updates to the homepage! Apologies for not keeping up to date- hope to have some changes to the website which will prevent that happening in the future- seeing as I am still resisting “social media” - as long as I can hold out.

2013 has already been a very busy year with a lot of great gigs under the belt.

We continued on with reunion gigs with Rod Piazza & the Mighty Flyers, including the Ultimate Rhythm & Blues Caribbean cruise in January, and a great show at Riverfront Blues in Wilmington, Deleware; great to see and play with them. Had a fantastic gig at Waterfront Blues in Portland in July w/ Tad Robinson. I was in Los Angeles a few times this year and played great gigs with Kirk Fletcher, and Big Pete at Cadillac Zack’s gig, in May. Just did a great mini-tour with Deitra Farr from Chicago including Skopje, Macedonia. Coming up, tours with Raphael Wressnig (including a special show in Belgrade with Enrico Crivallero, Deitra Farr & horns) Big Pete, Westside Blues Bland (Hamburg) and in JAN. 2014 a very exciting recording project in NOLA, USA. with some funky participants.

In February, Dubai Blues & Jazz fest w/ Deitra Farr, Tad Robinson, Sugaray Rayford, Sax Gordon & Wressnig. So things are moving in Schultzville! All the best.

- Alex, Autumn 2013

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